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“Kind of feels like a pool ball,” he observed, turning it in his hands. A half half hour and a scavenger hunt later saw the two of them arguing over the best way to cut six holes into the surface of a vaguely porous tabletop, which was actually a lot more fun that most of their usual less-friendly debates.“Oh for god's sake, you're not using your bayard's sword! ”“Well do you know where any lightsaber handsaws ARE? And, because it was only the two of their stupid asses with no adult supervision available, couldn't think of any reason asking Shiro to abuse his robot arm dismantling a table could possibly not work out. “You want me,” he said slowly, “to cut half a dozen holes into this table. ” Lance snapped before anyone could stop him.“” Keith sounded righteously offended, which, when Lance thought about it, sort of made sense.

And in those glimpses of Keith's mind Lance had seen the inside of a cockpit and a quiet shack with a warm bed but no . “So your hobbies are cleaning the house and learn how to fix things? “Yes.”“Wow, no wonder you seem to have no idea what to do with yourself up in space.”“I man.”This, at least, finally made Keith pause. Lance just leveled him with a flat look.“Well I've gotta be more fun than Shiro, at least.”“Sadly, I can honestly say you are not, because if that were true I would not owe he and Pidge four hundred dollars gambling on a game they made up using old Altean keyboard keys as tiles.”Keith looked both impressed and horribly depressed at this statement, his walk slowing down to a stop. Approximately ten minutes into their first day and space, Lance and Hunk and gotten bored and pestered Coran and Allura into finding them something to do that didn't still count as work like all of Shiro's suggestions.

The vaguely wary tension he'd been carrying relaxed and his hand flew up to cover his mouth unconsciously, his stance softening from about-to-walk-away to... Didn't realize humans were expected to communicate with each other through speech? Lance knew the guy didn't get along much with other people, but had he really never been invited anywhere before if this was his reaction to someone trying to spend time with him? “Uh...” Why did this suggestion warrant so much considering? Or the exact opposite and Lance should have realized immediately what was going on from this first conversation. “Nah, dude, I'm never bored when you're around,” he promised.

Was Lance really so awful that the idea of spending ten minutes together needed this much deliberation? Either way, for all that the process of asking had been like pulling teeth, the walk itself went surprisingly smooth. I never really had a lot of free time.” There were a few beats of silence as Lance allowed him as much time as he needed to elaborate. Mostly because he was usually angry at him, but hey! “You just aren't good at having fun yet.” He grinned, “Fortunately you're talking to the right man to teach you.”Keith looked supremely unimpressed.

Keith, understandably, looked confused beyond measure at the action.“Wow, that was weird.” Lance said, snatching his hand away and backing up a few steps.

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