Start Online dating multiple sclerosis

Online dating multiple sclerosis

But add in a chronic illness and you may as well go out and buy the ‘Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit’ because you’re probably out of luck!

To my mind, meeting a man with MS seemed similar to meeting someone who shares the same interests one might have such as golf or wine-tasting.

But just because you share something in common doesn’t mean you have the chemistry necessary to become a couple.

To so many folks diagnosed with a chronic illness, dating never even comes into play.

So many of us are not diagnosed with our disease until we have established lives, spouses, kids, careers, etc.

Would it even be possible to be a parent, especially with a disease that had so many unknowns?

I dated some here and there but it was never the right guy, and either way, I was always so nervous to bring up my diagnosis.

But a new set of thoughts has sent me in another direction.

After describing my dating escapades to a friend one day, she asked me: Have you ever considered dating a man with MS? And I felt a bit irritated by the question because she seemed to offer it up as some kind of solution to my man problem, which it is definitely not.

And I had to crane my neck to look up at him, which aggravated my herniated cervical disc. So I will not abandon my preference for shorter men.

I might be passing up a really nice fella that way, but at least it’ll keep me out of traction.

My first fear when the doctor said “Multiple Sclerosis” was that my dreams of motherhood and family were over.