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Who brandy dating now

He bought the rights, and for all these years, people still think he wrote the song, what a shame! I know the man who wrote this song and he sings it beautifully as well. That is why the song sounded so different from the rest of their live sets.

It is a beautiful song and as the song states, Brandy did turn out to be a great wife (and mother as well).

I'll just keep listening to the Oldies, (especially artists like the "Looking Glass". How 'bout other cities, like Minneapolis or Albuquerque?

Actually the group name came along when they were all sitting around and were watching Alice in Wonderland.

Still, after a hot summer day in Iowa, it was great to kick back in the cool evening breeze and enjoy these two mellow tunes. I'm a girl that adores the sea and has a locket from my husband who unlike Brandy's man has been around. My mom and daddy always told me that was how I got my name.