Start Dating in your mind

Dating in your mind

They know that you won’t just come over and approach them So how do you use this hack? Check out which women give you signs of attraction.

If they don’t feel like they’re getting it, they’ll be just as hurt as any woman would.

The difference is that men often express their affection in a more physical way than women.

Make no mistake: women will go out of their way to avoid making eye contact, smiling at, or nodding at men they are not attracted to (unless they already know them).

You can use this information to your advantage as a woman.

This might sound trivial, but it’s amazing how much hoovering you can get guys to do once they think it turns you on!

When you get inside the male mind in this way, you’ll never be confused about why men act the way they do again.

What they want to feel like is that they earned their place in your life.