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Storage a) a Vendor refuses to permit Manheim to enter Vehicles for auction or sale on a date specified by Manheim; or b) a Vendor withdraws a vehicle from auction or sale; or c) a Purchaser leaves the Vehicle on Manheim’s premises for more than 3 (three) days after Acceptance (including where the reason for them being left on Manheim’s premises is that the Purchaser has failed to pay the Purchase Price in respect of those Vehicles); or d) a Vendor or Purchaser requests that Vehicles be left on Manheim’s premises; or e) Vehicles are left on Manheim’s premises for more than 3 (three) days (for whatever reason) except where Manheim has agreed terms for the provision of storage services (in which event those terms shall apply); and where storage fees are chargeable in accordance with this clause 87, storage fees will be charged (unless agreed otherwise) from Acceptance (or in respect of Vendors from the point of delivery to Manheim) up to and including the date the Vehicles are removed.

These standard terms and conditions (“Conditions”) set out the contract terms between a Vendor and Purchaser of Vehicles and explain each party’s rights and obligations.

These Conditions also set out Manheim’s rights and its duties to Vendors and Purchasers.

a) any and all Fees which are payable by the Vendor to Manheim (whether in respect of the Vehicle to which the Purchase Price relates or in respect of any other services, products or Vehicles); b) any amount equivalent to a third party interest in the Vehicle where Manheim may have been informed that such interest needs to be settled in order to pass good title to the Vehicle to a Purchaser.