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Americans dating in paris

'I think this does reinforce a lot of the resentment you saw in the 2016 election, especially among white, working-class voters lacking a college degree,' David Cohen, a political scientist at the University of Akron said. In accompanying studies, people from every race included in the poll said they felt discriminated against.

A gauge known as the labor force participation rate measures the proportion of working-age adults who either have a job or are looking for one.

Americans are spending more on big purchases like cars and appliances. Consumer confidence is up and debt levels are down.

Builders broke ground in November on the most new homes in five years.

Their argument was that white people are 'automatically thrown into that group as being a bigot and a racist and that somehow you perceive yourself to being more superior to everybody else,' according to Tim Musack, one of those questioned who said while anti-white racism exists, he himself had never fallen victim to it. Look anywhere.'The notion that whites are discriminated against just seems incredible to me,' retired teacher Betty Holton, of Elkton, Maryland, said.

Experts said the results echoed the sentiment of white voters who elected Trump last year on the basis that they felt previous governments had left them behind. The majority of white people questioned - 61 percent - said the discrimination lay more in the attitudes of individuals than in government policies.

Ninety-percent of LGBTQ participants said they too feel discriminated against.

The same answer was given by the majority of other groups.

The majority of white Americans feel their race is discriminated against, a new poll has revealed.