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Gay dating sites lousiana

New Orleans has earned a serious reputation as one of Haunted New Orleans Tours most haunted cities.

With 200 years of ghostly legends involving Voodoo curses, Spanish moss draped oak encircled duels, cold-blooded murders, Stories of Revolutionary War Pirates and Civil War soldiers, and Jazz.

Held by French and Spanish, threatened by the British, and governed by Abraham Lincoln's Army of the Republic during the Civil War, this venerable "Old Lady" has seen generations come and go with grace and quiet charm. One could spend an entire lifetime in the Crescent City - so-called because of its auspicious placement at the river's turn - and still not know all there is to know of her, nor ever, it has been said, get enough of her.

Characterized as an almost living being, the City itself has been suspected of casting a spell over all who come to her, assuring that all who visit will eventually come back.

Cassadaga is located between Orlando and Daytona Beach, in Volusia county, just east of Interstate-four.

Founded in 1836, Galveston has a history as old and phantom-filled as the entire state of Texas.

Far below the busy streets of modern Edinburgh lies a dark, forgotten corner of history.

Discovered in the mid-1980’s, the Edinburgh Vaults had been abandoned for nearly two hundred years.

Saint Francisville is located in West Feliciana Parish Louisiana. Once the Capital of the Republic of West Florida, it is here that John James Audubon (Birds of America Collection) created over 80 of his beautiful watercolors.