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There will be chalk arrows and lines on the ground, directional signs and volunteers when and where possible. 2nd, 3rd and 4th loops are same as first EXCEPT we do not circle the soccer field and take a more direct single-track path to the arroyo in the first 500 yards.

Since we have been putting on trail races in the region since 1990, we find that Garmin/ GPS units have– paradoxically– made it HARDER for runners to sense their pace and miles. Devices that showed the longest run was everything from 18.8 to 19.3 miles. ———in-person registration: at UP AND RUNNING WEST (N. MEDALS and SHIRTS: Our apologies– we HAVE the extra medals and t-shirts that were ordered, we just have not gotten them to UP AND RUNNING (have been out of town, etc.– but no real excuse! Hope to see many of you at Sierra Vista Runs on Saturday March 4!

We measured the trails slowly with calibrated wheel (Jones Counter), but measuring any trail is difficult (this is why no trail races can be CERTIFIED). A map of the approximate course will appear here shortly.

New Florida coach Dan Mullen is already battling Alabama on the recruiting trail.

If the run is held again, we think that going to a slightly longer loop it may be easier for everyone to know how many laps they have done. And these are all given out at NO extra charge to the runner.

BUT, basically– we start and finish by the soccer field picnic pavillion in High Ridge Park, do a short lap of the soccer field and then head south on trails that zig-zag through the first arroyo. end of first dam and then go clockwise around South Mountain.

**NOTE– there are some sharp, right-angled or “square” ledges that the trail traverses just above Redd Road/ Dunkin’ Donuts/ etc. At - 1 mile point head north over dam #1 and then around Middle Mountain to dam #2.

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