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Who is irv gotti dating 2016

Longtime collaborator, Pras, describes each moment as an awakening. Hill, and as she overcomes adversaries and allegations, we bittersweetly listen to her past work as a member of the Fugees and her classic album, "The Miseducation" of Lauryn Hill." Read on as Pras shares memories of the singer-songwriter. ' But you don't know, you just had to believe.""Killing Me Softly""You know how you'll find something but it doesn't necessarily mean you discovered it?

Back in those days, when something came on television you had to catch it in that moment. I was like, 'Don't worry about it.' I went to a part of Jersey where she lived [and] met her.""She was this young girl. She had all this knowledge.""After I met her, right on the spot I decided, 'She's the one right there. I told her parents, 'I'm going to make your daughter a star.' I felt like it was magic."The Making of "Blunted on Reality""We were young kids. We felt like we wanted to do something that can inspire people. I grew up listening to pop-rock because that's what my mom let us listen openly. When we got to making the first album, I felt like I was back in school. You have to put your stakes in and say, 'I have to come at you some point.'"That was then.

The crew of people that I'm working with, called the Natives, have been able to tap into a sound that's great for me.

There are eight musicians that are varied in age, so it lends itself puling in everything that's happening that's going in music today."Lyrically, a lot of it has to do with love: be it looking for it, being misguided, being disappointed, being hopeful...

Lose Yourself would probably go down as one of the best songs Eminem has ever done and it even earned him a Oscar for best song in a motion picture. He knew that he couldn’t be Eminem rapping forever so he had his eye for talent in hoping to build his Shady Records empire.

He shocked the world when he announced the official signing of the hottest free agent in hip hop at the time(50 Cent). You truly had a potential 3 headed monster with Eminem, Dr Dre and Now 50 Cent.

The Movie itself spoke on Eminem’s struggle coming into the rap game with not only limited resources and a trailer park background, But also the fact that he’s a white kid trying to come up into a black dominated genre.

The movie became a smash hit making 8 Mile possibly one of the highest grossing box office movies throughout 2002.

The Soundtrack’s lead single titled Lose Yourself was the perfect theme for not only the movie but also people whom are underdogs.