Start Dating a sagittarius male

Dating a sagittarius male

Well, like I already told you, your Sagittarius man is not too thrilled about losing his freedom. Well, first, stop worrying, because we have a way to keep the zing in your relationship: turn him on by switching on the explorer in you! Your Sagittarius man in love will tell you in all honesty that “you are looking fat” or “she has a greater sense of humor than you.” No, he is not trying to hurt your feelings, though it appears he is.

In reality, he is what I like to call a ‘woman detector’: one who can see through a woman’s soul! Just amaze him with your deep understanding of life and, more importantly, give him a tough time when debating on issues!

Whether your archer is the quiet kind (which is super rare!

They can go any distance when it comes to work, but Sagittarius men in love desire a relationship that is casual overall. He gets so caught up in the freshness of a new relationship that he delves too deep too quickly into whatever there is to know about his new partner. All his new and fresh relationships reach a plateau where the exploration is over and there is nothing else for him to chase.

But through this too, he is trying to imitate the reality of the crazy little thing called ‘love’: both butterflies in the tummy and the steady, calm and often painful test of time!

) or one true to his Sagittarius traits, you should be certain of his fear of commitment.

As he lives his life in the most relaxed of ways, he does the same in a relationship by making promises as slowly as possible.

They want you to ask questions so that they are compelled to share their wisdom with you. He has an amazing sense of social manners, which get easily offended if you behave poorly. Wanting to know things about someone and gossiping about someone are two different things. You will have to learn the trick if you want this to work!