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Who is rihanna dating october 2016

That latter arguement carries some weight if only because it seems unlikely that it took until February for Campbell to discover Rihanna and Hassan were dating.

What follows is an obsessive time line of key events in their romance. There are a billion gossip sites, but only one Lipstick Alley.) July 10, 2016: Naomi Campbell and Jameel attend a Stevie Wonder concert in London.

As it relates to where she’s been spotted, keep in mind Hassan was born in Saudia Arabia, and he graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo in 2001 plus has an MBA from London Business School.

As well, he continues to have business dealings in Tokyo related to both the university and Abdul Latif Jameel aka ALJ, a family business he helps run that owns the rights to the distribution of Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia.

While Rihanna‘s public make out session with new beau Hassan Jameel, was splashed all over social media in late June 2017, marking an official coming out party for the couple, in reality the handsome couple had been showing up randomly on social media months before their pool party.