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Click here to get full infographic on human trafficking in the Philippines Many women are also forced to prostitute themselves, not because of financial circumstances, but because they fear violence against themselves or their families, if they try to escape.

UNICEF is calling for the age of consent to be raised to 16 and for other legislation to be made watertight.

Sylwander said UNICEF was working closely with police from Britain, Australia and the Netherlands to tackle the crime.

It’s a very difficult rescue process,” Sylwander added.

Despite the rising number of cases coming to light there have been very few convictions.

Sylwander described how one very young boy living in a safe house started undressing and making sexual movements when he saw a staff member pick up a mobile phone because the boy automatically thought he wanted to film him.

“Their minds have been so traumatised and so destroyed and so focussed on anything sexual that they can’t play or communicate like kids any more.

One group of young children rescued in Manila said they were paid 150 pesos ($3) to take part in shows. Researchers in the Philippines who are carrying out a major survey on violence against children, to be published later this year, have found shockingly high levels of sexual abuse within families, she said.

There is also a legacy left over from the huge prostitution industry which grew up around the American military bases until they closed in the 1990s.

The interview started out normally, with the girls singing into the microphone and telling us about Tom & Jerry cartoons and the crushes they had on the musician Bruno Mars.

They seemed like typical 12-year-olds, but what they would tell us about what they'd been through, stopped me cold.

The traffickers are adept at convincing them to travel with them.