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Essay on dating in the workplace

The girls didn't do projects—they talked about fashion or seeking popularity—not building things. These guys treat me like one of them, rather than "the woman in the group", and many are old enough to remember when they worked on teams that were about one third women, and no one thought that strange.

Shockingly, this doesn't turn the young women into hackers. Start with a young woman who's already formed her identity.

Dump her in a situation that operates on different social scripts than she's accustomed to, full of people talking about a subject she doesn't yet understand.

readers, and Linux kernel developers, is so lopsided (male high, female low) that graphing it would produce a near-vertical line.

I was hoping the piece would invite a Linux hacker on the female side of that graph to step up and move the conversation forward.

I started coding when I was six years old, sitting in my father's basement office, on the machine he used to track inventory for his repair service.

After a summer of determined trial and error, I'd managed to make some gorillas throw things other than exploding bananas. When I was 12, I got my hands on a Slackware disk and installed it on my computer—a Christmas gift from my parents in an especially good year for my dad's company—and I found a bug in a program. I found my way onto IRC and explained the predicament: what was happening, how to reproduce it and where I thought I'd found the problem. coder1: I think she's on a farm somewhere, actually.

I still visit Sandridge School from time to time, most recently when my old math teacher invited me in to talk to students about STEM careers.

I'm fairly sure I'm the only programmer anyone in that town has met in person..I'm something of the archetypal computer geek as far as they are concerned.

If anything, some folks assume that it's a "girl thing".

Still, I don't see the area producing a bunch of female hackers.

The poverty, urbanization and rising crime aside, girls aren't being raised to hack any more in my hometown than they are anywhere else.