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Other plans include a fixed number of texts per month and charge per text when you go over the limit.

Owners of Android or Apple phones and tablets can download the Google Voice app and get the same benefits on their mobile devices, using data plan coverage instead of cellphone minutes or racking up text charges.

Textfree: Like Google Voice, Textfree gives i Phone, i Pod, i Pad and Android users a phone number from which you can send and receive free text messages.

Sure, you can always leave a voicemail, but sometimes those linger unanswered for ages. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 73 percent of adult cellphone owners now text.

For those on pay-per-text plans, those 20-cent charges can add up quickly.

Whats App: If you're going to be texting only with a set group of people, Whats App could be the ideal choice, especially if your list includes international correspondents.

Whats App is available for Apple (99 cents from the i Tunes store), Android, Black Berry, Nokia, Symbian and Windows Phone devices (free for the first year, 99 cents a year thereafter).

It's easy to see why texting has become more popular: Your messages are waiting whenever you have a chance to take a glance, they're easy to answer and it's faster to skim texts than listen to voicemail.