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The ting tings dating

They're responsible for songs you can't get out of your head.

SFS: Before the Ting Tings, you and Jules were in Dear Eskimo together. What we are doing now with the Ting Tings is influenced by other people, but we never take advice from anyone because you always end up blaming them if it goes wrong. KW: One of the main reasons our album was special is because it really wasnt written for anyone else, like you said.

We decided we are going to go live in Berlin and record the album because we really like it there.

There are lots of artists and interesting bands and things to inspire you. I havent had time because I cant take a sewing machine on tour. You end up meeting so many people and touching them -- maybe 200 people in one go -- and I started thinking about all the germs.

We’ve got this sound around it of this old analog tape to give it the warmth of those old records. Some albums are kind of a mish-mosh of different songs that don't seem to have any real connection, but ' Super Critical' flows together quite nicely.