Start Cam chat area visio

Cam chat area visio

The concept was simple: you send an email to a server with your name and email address.

You could then send an email to a specific address and every other subscriber gets a copy of the mail.

It's kind of like a non-real-time version of the chat rooms you see on AOL and other places.

No pin codes, no passwords, just readable meeting links. There’s no need to download, install and run a desktop app.

C'est un site de tchat audio / vidéoconférence entièrement gratuit, anonyme, sans inscription ni installation.

To enter the forum, click here or select Forum from the chapter menu on the left.

In the forum you can participate in discussions with other Esprit fanatics from around the globe on a variety of Esprit-related topics.

Ainsi vous dialoguerez uniquement avec les personnes ayant utilisé le même salon que vous. Choisissez simplement un pseudo (et le salon éventuel) et le tour est joué.

Il n'y a pas de limites dans le nombre d'interlocuteurs que vous souhaitez avoir en simultané si ce n'est la puissance de votre PC.

As time went by, membership in the Lotus List grew to many hundreds. Since Lotus makes several models, it became a nuisance for some list members to sift through hundreds of non Esprit-related emails to find emails that were of interest to them.

On the plus side, those who were open-minded enough or had the time to read the emails about other cars got the benefits of the knowledge and experience of a much larger audience.

This forum is not meant to replace, but rather complement the great discussions that can already be found in the Mailing Lists discussed in the topic below.