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Aimee chan moses chan dating

• Made his acting debut in 1994 in the Category III movie Twenty Something. His cigarette of choice was "Camel." He quit after 1-2 years. Their wedding banquet with extended family and friends was on 7/17/2013 in Toronto.

• His nickname, Mo, was first used by Ada Choi when filming Where the Legend Begins.

She thought the "-ses" in his name was difficult to pronounce so decided to just call him Mo.

His English name is Nathan Lucas and Chinese name is 陳浩鋒.

Hong Kong TVB actor Moses Chan finally wins Aimee Chan's hands in marriage after several fruitless proposals in the past six months.

No one should be complaining, least of all me in this black suit.” And, despite his tone, he is not above making jokes with his audience.

You came to a folk festival so you probably weren’t looking for happy songs anyway…

Mother was a nurse who became a doctor in Traditional Chinese medicine (中醫).

She and her sons immigrated to Australia where she taught Traditional Chinese medicine.

Both Moses and Aimee had to fend off several marriage speculations since going public with their relationship and refuted claims with replies such as "We'll talk about that later" and "Marriage can wait" in their interviews.

: JOHN PAUL WHITE-Live at the Newport Folk Festival (July 29, 2017). Like when he introduces the second song, “Martyr,” he says, “We’ll be doing while lot of death metal covers. This song is by a band called Sepultura.” [Nervous titters from the crowd before he starts playing a pretty JPW song that sounds not unlike a contemporary Barenaked Ladies song, especially his delivery of it].

According to recent news reports, his one-year-long girlfriend, Aimee, finally said "yes" and the couple plans to hold their wedding in Australia next year.