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Pavel bure dating anna

But it’s not just the playing — Alla even micro-manages her daughter’s personal life.

At the age of five, Anna received the Christmas gift that would change her life: a tennis racquet.

“Later, I found out that they sold their TV to get me those racquets,” she recalled.

But, suddenly, Alla has emerged as a stage mother from hell — accused of being a master manipulator making a mint off her daughter — and ready to dump anybody who crosses her.

“The problem with Alla is she thinks she is the player, not Anna,” Slozil sniffed.

From left to right with the President, National Olympic Committee President Leonid Tyagachev, and Pavel and Valeri Bure.

Pavel Bure is a famous Russian ice hockey player, who was born on March 31, 1971.

Now one of the fastest-rising players on the WTA Tour, Anna has beaten virtually every top player in the women’s field and is the only player since 1987 to defeat four Top 10 players in a row on her way to the ’98 Lipton final.