Start Bible students dating teachers

Bible students dating teachers

On to the second popular theory for the continuance of giving apples- apples arrived in North America shortly after the Jamestown Colony was founded in the early 1600s.

In the United States, things changed when various social reforms came about in the 1800s.

The reforms addressed issues ranging from food sanitation, treatment of the mentally ill, and even education.

The sweeping social reforms that allowed schools and education to become regulated also posed a major problem for apples.

The temperance movement that spanned from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century sought to eliminate the drinking of alcohol in the United States.

The baskets of food were eventually replaced with smaller amounts as the old “Boarding Round” room and board pay system was replaced by more in the way of a cash salary.

But why do schoolchildren traditionally give apples to their teachers?

Widespread publicly funded, mandatory education has only been around since about the 19th century.

Before then, the responsibility of providing schooling to children fell primarily on their families.

Schools became publicly funded and subject to regulations in order to ensure that all students were more or less getting the same educational opportunity.

By 1913, a majority of the states in the United States of America required that schools be paid for by the government.

They often learned this at home, through apprenticeships, or at church-funded schools.