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Today Bosham is a popular place for dinghy sailing, although this far up the Bosham Channel low tide means plenty of gently shelving mud flats and rich pickings for birds for quite a lot of the day.

Although theyre funny, you probably wouldn't laugh if you found your car standing in three feet of water.

Bosham, of course, has long been associated with the story of King Cnut and the incoming tide.

Low tide in the upper reaches of Chichester Harbour at Bosham Bosham Mill stream There has been a mill at Bosham right back to at least Saxon times, when Bosham was connected with King Cnut and was probably also one of the first footholds of Christianity in Sussex.

In all probability the Mill Stream was built by the Romans.

Bosham Walk is a popular arcade full of arts and crafts shops. Friendly, uncompetitive badminton with a beer at the end of the match.

Nice blog style site with links to Bosham Cricket Clubs more staid Play Cricket site - which has fixtures and results on it.

Don't forget to turn your sound on when viewing the webcam.