Start Updating playstation 2

Updating playstation 2

There’s also a thinner connection cable to the PS4, to go with an upgraded Processor Unit that makes HDR passthrough possible with this model.

A custom Play Station 4 faceplate featuring the moogle from Final Fantasy Type-0 and Slime from Dragon Quest Heroes was raffled off in Japan.

By purchasing both Final Fantasy Type-0 and Dragon Quest Heroes for the Play Station 4, players had a chance of owning one of the 100 limited edition faceplate.

The Play Station 4, abbreviated as PS4, is a video game console from Sony.

Firmware updates are performed by attaching your device to a Windows PC, or Mac with Boot Camp partition or Parallels Virtual PC software.

The bundle was priced at ¥46,980 ($393) when it launched on March 19.

To commemorate the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in North America, Square Enix organized a sweepstakes for a chance to win a custom Final Fantasy Type-0-themed Play Station 4 console for those who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition version.

Official themes can be purchased via microtransactions, though some themes may require that a specific edition of the game in question be installed first.