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Who is aj rafael dating

videos are still up on i believe, so check that out if you missed that whole thing! an awesome 3 days with one of my old friends from middle school who came all the way from Honolulu to be the main actress, and of course Wong Fu productions.

i am so so sorry that i havent written in here in what, 3 months?

I was talking to some people at Berklee College of Music — I went to go visit again when I was in Boston — we were talking about the scene, I was talking about the whole Asian-American thing, and back in the day, it took a lot for the gay community to be on TV.

But now in every show you see, there is at least one gay character, so that’s great for that community and for everybody. I think it’s going to take some time for there to be an Asian American in every — I mean, we shouldn’t trying to saturate the scene, but I think it’s time for some heroes to be on regular traditional media, so other people can look at us and be like, “Yo, these guys are mad-talented and not just on You Tube.” So it’s definitely not a hindrance.

ive just been so busy, one thing after another, and whatever little break i have whether it be 3 days or 5, its mostly me recovering and trying to make videos for yall. seriously, the inspiration that band has given me over the years, especially at the beginning when i was first starting to take my music seriously-- i'll just never be able to repay them.