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Wakefield dating

When she learns that Robin actually likes Todd, she decides to use this to her advantage – she’ll send Robin after Todd to keep her away from Juan. But when Robin goes to Casey’s to talk to him, she sees him with Elizabeth.

They fall in luuuuuuv, even though Jessica’s dating Ken.

Remember when SVH had that big rivalry with Big Mesa? The Palisades athletes are really mean to the SVH athletes during games, and then pound on Ken a little after a game, so a bunch of the guys from SVH (including Ken, Todd, and Bruce) decide to get revenge.

To make amends, Robin invites Todd over the night of the dance so she can smooth things over with Liz.

The three of them figure out that Jess masqueraded as her twin to get Todd to accept the date with Robin.

Liz won’t be attending herself since she’s so busy with the issue.

Robin asks Todd to the dance, and he says yes, so he’s really surprised when the real Elizabeth is upset with him for agreeing to go on a date with another girl.

Because she’s 12, she doesn’t stop to think about how Elizabeth and Todd might have already had something going, or that Elizabeth couldn’t steal Todd from Robin when she didn’t know Robin liked him, or that you can’t steal a guy from someone he’s not actually dating. Jessica sees this is a great time to ask Juan to the dance, but first she needs to make sure Robin doesn’t find out that Liz and Todd are together.

She pretends to be Elizabeth and asks Todd to accept when Robin inevitably asks him to the dance.

Well, at least until she learns that Aaron was helping Juan win over Robin, in part because he didn’t want Juan to be with Jessica. The only reason Elizabeth would dress just like Jessica was if she wanted everyone to think she Summary: Jessica learns about a surfing competition with a trip to Hawaii for a prize, and she decides she wants to enter, even though she sucks at surfing.

Jess thinks jealousy is hot, so she’s back to liking Aaron. Thoughts: Robin knows her way around Sweet Valley pretty well for someone who’s only visited a few times. ” So Jessica throws over Elizabeth and helps Robin steal Todd, and then wonders what’s so great about her. She starts working at it, even getting up really early to go to the beach, and meets a guy named Christian Gorman who gives her some pointers.

All of the plots come together with a school dance.