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In a Life Care community, residents must be able to live independently and pay an entrance fee when they move in.

It is 66 feet tall and contains 68,000 square feet.

The building holds very valuable ground floor retail space, currently home to clothing retailers Diesel and Burberry.

New residents have been trickling into their new apartments since they opened June 29 across the street from the main facility, Oaknoll Executive Director Pat Heiden said, and have brought the total number of independent living apartments at the facility to 235.“Once everyone has moved in, which will be sometime in August, our population will increase by about 110 residents.

Mary Palmberg, who retired from the University of Iowa provost’s office in 1998, and last year from her position as volunteer coordinator of the Free Lunch Program, plans to move into the new residential development at Oaknoll at the end of August.“I’ve planned to do that for many years.

The new development also features a glass skywalk above George Street that connects the new building to the existing campus, and two levels of underground parking.

Mark Seabold, principal architect of Shive-Hattery — an Iowa City-based architecture and engineering firm — said the firm has been working with Oaknoll for over 20 years and has handled all the major renovations and additions to the facility.

About 160 of those are full-time staff,” Heiden said.