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Wilmer valderrama mandy moore dating

So many indelible memories and stories with these 2," Mandy captioned the pic above.

It doesn't count if you invite your ex-spouse over to introduce them to your charming coworker in the hopes that they'll hit it off an you won't have to keep paying alimony.

In Mandy's case, that took some time, as he'd said some honestly pretty gross stuff about his relationship with Mandy in a Howard Stern interview. For Demi, even though they'd ended a six-year relationship, it never seemed like the end of an epic struggle.

Honestly, Demi had been dating him since she was a teenager -- like, he's 13 years older than she is, and their relationship got plenty of side-eye because of that age gap and because of how young Demi was when it started.

I don't really have a real opinion about it anymore.

I am so past it already." Looks like Mandy is too -- glad to see they're still friends!

"Quite the Sunday evening...." she captioned the shot.

In 2006, Wilmer called Mandy "the first love of my life" in a New York Times profile. "She is one of the most wonderful women I've ever met; a real lady." In an interview with Howard Stern the same year, he blabbed about taking her virginity -- telling Stern that the sex was "really good," but it wasn't "like warm apple pie." "When you go on Howard you are in his home," he later told the LA Times about his comments.

"I've know this goof (aka @wilmervalderrama) since I was 15!