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Speed dating twin cities

Brockton Bay’s team is one of many such teams spread across North America.

Formed of a splinter group of ex-hero Case 53s and others, following the revelations of the Triumvirate’s involvement with Cauldron.

The group does mercenary work, with a focus on doing good deeds more than on making money, and retains loose ties to the Protectorate and Wards.

Led by a Thinker to organize them, they’re something of an elite force.

After some losses at the hands of the Slaughterhouse Nine in Boston, they’ve come to Brockton Bay in hopes of joining the Undersider’s alliance.

The exact capabilities of the group are unknown as group turnover tends to be high and they tend to leave too much carnage and little in the way of evidence or records in their wake.

Travelers A band of supervillains that travels from city to city that undertake crime sprees and move on to a new destination before the local authorities can prepare and respond.

Again, Brockton Bay’s team of Wards is only one of many spread across the United States and Canada.

Originally the Brockton Bay Brigade, this group of heroes briefly became the subject of national attention when they unmasked publicly, rechristening themselves New Wave.

Led by Accord, the Ambassadors hail from a smaller territory in Boston.

Sporting tailored formalwear and ornate masks with brooches and pins rather than spandex and emblems, the Ambassadors are described a team of heavy hitters that even the Travelers weren’t keen on butting heads with.

The Pure maintain, or even exaggerate Kaiser’s ‘civilized’ approach.