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“Usually I have an audience and they’re doing all the listening but now I need to hear what my partner in a scene is saying so I am so aware of every sound and action…I need to be so I can respond truthfully.” Her attention to detail is part of what makes her scenes in so unforgettable. We’re both discriminated against so I drew from that,” she says.

The film focuses on the life of a young boy named Chiron (played remarkably by Ashton Sanders) who is going through puberty and questioning the conventions of masculinity. So much of Monáe’s performance is subtle and the fact that she does so much with so little dialogue in is impressive.

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Janelle Monáe has spent most of her career learning how to embellish and magnify every moment she can when she’s on stage or in front of a camera. In , Monáe’s first feature film role to date, the 30-year-old musician/actor had to learn how to dial it down for the lens. Teresa becomes a beacon Chiron’s rather dark journey to self-acceptance. “Whenever comes across my desk that I feel like can help bring awareness or sympathy and empathy to a community that’s discriminated against, I’m going to do it.” In order to prepare for the role of Teresa, Monáe said she took a moment to think about how to relay a genuine sense of empathy on screen.

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