Start Dating questiosn

Dating questiosn

If the way you have been treating her for years hasn’t had a positive effect, you need to change your behavior.

Nancy moved hours away and was doing well at school.

But then she met a guy who was less than desirable, to put it nicely.

Find other ways of expressing your love and support than through gift-giving and money-loaning.

Build up her self-esteem by giving positive feedback for the things she does well and independently.

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They are all bright, but, of course, some are more “book smart” than others, and my sister, “Nancy,” was the least book smart so it was a great surprise that she was able to get into her dream college.

Ed has no high school degree or GED, no relationship with his family at all, is a former alcoholic, quickly moved in with Nancy, immediately “lost” his job, contributes nothing to their bills, uses food stamps even though he’s fully capable of working, isn’t even nice or friendly, smokes at least two packs a day, is what some would call a video game addict and a pothead like I never imagined existed.

Clearly, not the ideal boyfriend for what I consider an exceptional, extremely compassionate, beautiful, intelligent, trusting and trustworthy human being like my sister. She dropped out of her master’s program without telling most of us, makes excuse after excuse for everything, hates her job but does nothing to change it, became a pothead herself after never having any interest in it at all, loses her job because of pot, her apartment is filthy, she is late on bills and is constantly coming to us for money (money that then is spent on Ed’s habits), and has started lying to some of us out of what I assume is shame and/or not wanting to hear our opinions or advice (which I understand and we stopped giving it quite some time ago).

She came and we had a nice weekend (although I heard some of the bad attitude, I looked the other way).

When she got back home, she texted me reminding me that I never gave her travel money.

Last night, my mother mentioned that she gave Nancy money before she left for traveling home for the weekend. She is a very honest, kind person and it hurt to feel like now she is becoming someone who would essentially steal from her own family.