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Babalwa mneno dating

The latest public revelations from one 'bachelor' who appeared on Date My Family recently has tossed the lit off the sinister motives behind dating shows.

However, for this post I would like to just focus only on dating shows.

It would be naive for anyone to expect that everything they see on so called reality shows is actual reality but there is still a modicum of trust that the audience has with dating shows in that they expect that the people chosen to be on these shows do so to find a partner.

When participants can just blatantly and publicly proclaim that they were just on the show for 'exposure', when participants are exposed as not being as single as they claim and when participants say they exaggerated things for the cameras, that does not boast well for the credibility of the show and its research staff. even though I had a stint of hope that I’ll find someone I could vibe with.

Also I wanted to get some idea of the world of television which at the time I wanted to venture into‚” And he is not the only one.

I have it on good authority that majority of the people who appear on Date My Family never meet again beyond the taping of their episode.

I have also directly heard it from one guy who was on a show, who also happens to be a DJ at a University radio station and has aspirations to go to a bigger station, that he too just went on the show to get more followers and expose people to what he does for a living.

It is unfortunate that audiences are being duped for content.

Perhaps the producers have good intentions and get tricked by these participant but due diligence would make such incidents avoidable — but it is more likely that the producers don't care.

What of more concern for me is how the producers and broadcast channels of said shows do not seem to care about doing some thorough vetting of these people before they put them on camera.

It would be easy just to paint these people as being "thirsty" for some fame but this blatant disregard for authenticity does put a negative label on the production teams of these shows.

While I often write about clients whose company I enjoy, I also share my occasional fear, revulsion, violation and sadness.