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Black bull cucold chat

I have read story after story about wives who sleep with other men to make themselves finally be able to orgasm, and to teach their husbands lessons in lovemaking." Her hand was moving up and down my shaft as I sat and listened to her talk about her past week of sexual exploration.

As we entered the hotel room for what I thought was going to be a night of hot passionate love making, my wife was acting very strange; it was if she knew something I didn't.

We had already had a few glasses of wine, and there was a bottle already there in the room with two glasses.

I was now naked, blindfolded, and tied spread eagle to the bed. I wanted to talk to you about something." She said with a serious voice. I thought about what you said about you always having to start things and that I never dress in anything seductive or anything like that.

My stomach stank thinking I was in trouble for something or that something was wrong. "I have been thinking a lot about this over the past two weeks, since you flat out told me some of your fantasies. But you have to understand that I love you and I don't want to lose you. I have come to realize that I have not been very "sexy" for you in the past. I used to be really sexy and flirty in my youth, but I just guess I lost my spunk as I grew up." She said as she slowly caressed my cock with her hand, running her fingers over the shaft and making it twinge with delight.

I can't even believe I am about to tell you this, but I think this is what you wanted and I want to give you what you want.

So I have to let you know that two days ago I set this night up.

I finished the story with the dildo deep inside my pussy and an orgasm riding through my body." She said as she climbed on top of my body and wrapped one hand around my shaft and started to pump my cock slowly.

"This past week I have been at the computer almost everyday looking at websites about hotwives, humiliation, cuckolds, and all the hardcore fantasies that men seem so interested in.

"This is pretty awesome of you honey, you are never this seductive." I said as I lay on the bed blindfolded.

I felt her hands down my body as she unbuckled my pants and started to pull them down over my ankles.

"Well you are always trying to get me to push the envelope of my sexual desires.