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Are dating agencies any good

Additionally some agencies offer FREE sign-ups, complimentary membership, free introductions to MEN as it is always more challenging to find high-caliber males being pro-active and looking for commitment.

There are many different methods employed by introduction agencies and matchmakers, but mos are membership services, some will throw in one or two personal searches, but overall they are data-base driven.

This is not a judgement, but fact, however, this has left people who are looking for commitment and a genuine relationship in a less favorable position of choice and the amount of men actually seeking out commitment. If you reduce your service to that of internet dating, where "free" is dangled to attract men, the service will end up with men very similar to that of internet dating.

So what is wrong with giving FREE dates to men, if a data-base service is short of men for their female clients. You simply can't make men "commitment minded" by giving them free dates, it actually exacerbates the problem.

If people just want to meet the opposite sex for some dates, why pay a HIGH fee for what you can do yourself?